My Universal Home
Old Supreme Court, Singapore

Singapore Design Festival 2007
co-creation with "Little Red Dots" & Noriko-Suzuki-Bosco
Giovanna Massoni 
Pics Frank Pinckers

MUH represents an invisible conceptual space, evocative of a home, both universal and personal. It exists not for its own sake, but is merely a background providing space for people, their lives, their art and their artifacts. This home is universal because it has no hierarchy, sees no boundaries between disciplines, is cross-cultural and can exist anywhere at anytime. The home is also personal because it can exist anyhow, even only as a concept in our mind. People will add meaning, understand and value what they perceive according to their believes and cultural background.

Exhibited items and performances include 69 works by 38 local and international designers and artists.* seating, lighting, art objects & general furnishings: Little Red Dots (S/USA/UK)
* social knitting event: Noriko Suzuki-Bosco (S/J), Arthur Wong (S)
* altar, large beads: Jason Lim (S)
* domestic memories and nostalgia: B Jane Cowie (S/AUS)
* tableware: Tanny Wong & Lijuan Tan (S)
* glasses: Patrick Hoet (B)
* ring: Silke Fleischer (B)
* deer head, shelf, icon, mirror: Vlaemsch (B)
* poem: Alan Ardy (S/UK)
* dancing shoes: Linde Hermans (B)
* shirt: Ali millmodh (S)
* neon light: FrankoB (UK)
* textile chandelier: Benny Ong (S)
* tablecloth, toiletbag, dress, fabric: Romy Smits (B)
* lady in the renaissance bubble: Lita CY (B/S)
* drawings : Andrée Weschler (S/Fr)
* interior design : Cindy Ang (S)
* toothbrush and toothpaste: Jay Khialani (S)
* website: (S/USA)
* bicycle: Vanguard / Angelusnovus (S)
* cabane: Eric Lamontagne (Can)
* flag of changing colors and landscape: Stephen Jatho (S/USA)
* toiletpaperholder, baby booties, magazine rack and cushion: DIS (Designed in Singapore)
* jiggly junk fun fan: Mark R. Kaufmann (S/Can)
* actress: Libby Gott (S/AUS)
* wishing candles: Peyman Nadirzadeh (B/I)
* book: Belgian design after 2000: promateria (B)
* rubberhandbag: Stuff: Sylvain Willenz (B)
* mirror: Lucile Soufflet (B)
* painting: Shane Brazier (AUS/S)
* creative Lab: (B)
* crosslight: Dark (B)
* tennis-skirt lamp, sugar bags: Christiane Högner (B/G)
* cardboard furniture: Garth Roberts (B)
* music: project soundwave (USA)
* domestic workers: Empower foundation (Thai)
* video and photography: Stephen Black (S/USA)