Anita Nevens


Works in Belgium near Brussels.

I am interested in exploring how the body and the mind interact with space, objects an social structures. You could also call it a study of dwelling.
My practice is multi-disciplinary often balancing between art, design, poetry and performance. In my work it is not so much a question whether this is art or design, functional or not functional, because I prefer art to be part of daily life and consider function as a certain relationship with a human being that not only has a fysical body but also has emotions and a mind.

Born and raised near Brussels, Belgium, but lived and worked in Singapore for 7 years I am influenced by Asian culture and the concept of Diversity.
Previous interns: Anduena Aliu, Zi Wei, Luu Khanh
Anita Nevens is also a part-time lecturer at Luca, School of Arts, Brussels, Ghent.