M.U.H. Gallery
Installation at LineArt Ghent, 2011.
The M.U.H Gallery is a Reference to the
installation called My Universal Home with the aim to exhibit a hybrid collection of design-art from Singapore.
In this context we were very limited in budget and possibilities to enter this artfair so the artist changed role to become a gallery-owner and only requested for the storage-space of a booth to cut costs.  Since the colorchange of the carpet was free of charge we asked to make the corridors and open spaces around the storage in red. In this way the gallery looks like a huge installation. This teaches us that art and design has the power to cross political, social and economical borders and disciplines and promote diversity. We travelled from East {Singapore} to West {Ghent} with a suitcase full of hybrid Singaporean Design-art
{the max. allowance by the airline}
representing the diverse culture of Singapore through art and design.