Studio Basiliq

Brussels, 2018. Low-budget mini-apartment, 32 m2
Owner / Model: Ingrid wolfs, trainer,
Production: Intro bvba,
Lichting: Zangra,
Floor: Allura Core red, Forbo Krommenie
Photography: Tysje Severens

Ceci n'est pas une cuisine.
In this 2-room flat, the sanitary cell and the kitchen were pushed together in a very compact spatial block. It looks like an inside-out kitchen, creating a kind of entrance area and it feels like there is a full room behind the door of the sanitary cell.
Trivial elements such as the sockets, electricity wire, tiles, door pullers and shower curtain are not hidden but consciously participate in the composition of the functional volumes. They have a retro content that refers to the house, built in the beginning of the last century. Trivial elements became a design strategy and the result is that we have created more space.